Oh look. Our new EP has been released.

We have a myspace page now. We probably won't use it.


We recently received a review for our first album

"The "band" consists of an acoustic guitar and a "vocalist". The guitar is used in exactly the same fashion as its electric counterparts would be used in traditional black metal, a use which I hardly need to say, is repellent. The vocalist is obviously untrained. The whole recording sounds as if it was recorded on a single, small dynamic microphone, plugged directly into a laptop, in a single take. I'm guessing the "studio" was someone's basement. I would not be at all surprised to learn that the "artists" were 13 years old, and neither one a musician. Oh yeah, and just a nagging issue I have with them, their logo was made in MSpaint. Die Microsoft!"

Hail the Necrowizard!